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Cool Sculpting

Our cool sculpting procedure incorporates cryoliplysis (fat freezing), ultrasound cavitation and radio frequency

The combination of all 3 treatments in succession leads to programmed death and restoration of the damaged fat cells aswell as improvement of cellulite appearance and texture, 
Using a manual handpiece with unique cooling technique to destroy and break apart fat cells without damaging surrounding tissues, followed by low frequency ultrasound and radiofrequency waves causing the adipose tissue to break down and eventually be flushed out by the lymphatic system ,
These treatments also increase the bodys oxygen supply and facilitate production of collagen effectively '"body contouring" 
3 sessions are recommended to see visable difference but 6-12 treatments (results vary per person) for final results, weekly treatments with at least 72 hrs between sessions are recommended with aftercare instructions as your body can continue to flush for up to 6 months post treatment


Because beauty that radiates from the outside, Always starts on the inside!


Science meets beauty with our new range of products focussing on gut health, beneficial for skin and body with clinical results pwered by clean beauty! certified obioderganic made in Australia, pure hydrolysedbioavailable collagen and antioxidant-rich probiotics to feed your skin from within, these suppliments are perfect for clients wanting the best results from cool sculpting treatments or their skin treatments and at home skincare routines

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