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Collagen is found in the dermis layer of our skin. It is essential for the skins support providing strength, firmness, hydration and smoothness. As we reach 40 the collagen in our skin diminishes. If we have been exposed to the sun its going to diminish even earlier and faster. This will most certainly result in a skin which shows obvious ageing signs far earlier than necessary. Typical signs are … decreasing firmness leading to sagging skin … sudden appearance of fine lines and wrinkles firstly around eyes, then cheeks and mouth … dryer, dehydrated paler skin and a generally more aged appearance.
It is then essential to supplement and stimulate new collagen. These strong double action drops feed collagen into our skin from the outside while giving it an extra boost to produce more collagen from the inside as well. It is then that our skin experiences the necessary build up of collagen to recreate its support and thereby providing once more a firm hydrated complexion with reduced signs of wrinkles and more youthful features and not just for the face. Our research revealed very noticeable improvement of both neck, bust and décolletage.

Collagen Drops

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