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Vitamin C 11% is specially formulated to effectively deliver its high concentrations of stable vitamin C to your skin.
The L-Ascorbic Acid used in this serum is sub micron and highly active. The vitamin C is coated with a microscopic capsule to prevent its loss of effectiveness against the elements that could reduce its stability. The extensive studies performed by Duke University suggest L-Ascorbic Acid is an intensive anti-oxidant for skin cells once encapsulated and stabilised.

Vitamin C 11% has been recognised for many years as being of incredible value to the skin.

For a stronger application suited for more dry and mature skin you can use the Fleur De Mer vitamin C 20% speak to our therapists about this,

  • Applying Vitamin C topically you can expect:
  • Reduced appearance of ageing
  • Restored radiant glow
  • Improved and revitalised skin texture especially with sun damaged skin
  • Benefits of an antioxidant
  • Reduced signs of fine lines on face and eye contours
  • Lightening of skin particularly pigmentations
  • Helping stimulate collage production
  • Better sun protection with sunblocks

vitamin c serum

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